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Personal Injury

Accident or Injuries can have a devastating effect on an individual and their entire family. Individuals involved in an accident that leads to an injury will be forced to change the way they conduct every aspect of their life. Injuries resulting from car wreck, slip and fall, or work place accidents often have devastating effects on the physical, psychological and financial well being of the entire Family.

It is because of these complicated issues that you must choose an attorney who can help you navigate all Aspects of life after an accident has left you injured. In addition to handling all the legal issues associated with a personal injury claim, the staff at the Family Law Center will help you network and find solutions to financial and emotional issues that often accompany a tragic accident.

If you have been in an automobile accident, suffered a work place injury, or had an accident while shopping, please contact our office immediately to protect your rights.


The Family Law Center works on a contingent fee structure. This means we only get paid if you collect money from your claim. If the case settles Prior to a lawsuit being filed, the Family Law Center will only collect a flat 30% (This does not include expenses such as filing fees, fees for depositions and or expert witnesses). If a law suit if filed and the case proceeds to court, then the Family Law Center only receives a flat 33% (again exclusive of all expenses).